Guest Services: Lobby/Auditorium Door Greeter


Guest Services: Lobby/Auditorium Door Greeter



Welcome and assist every guest in a way that radiates Jesus’ passion and love for people. Every first time guest should feel like a VIP. We believe that first impressions make a huge impact. This team is made up of individuals who love creating welcoming environments for every guest at Life Church.


  1. Greet people in the lobby before it is time to open the doors. If there are more than 2 people in this position on a Sunday, someone will continue to “float” throughout the lobby.

  2. Open auditorium doors 20 minutes before service time. Continue to be aware of the doors throughout the service and close doors 15 minutes after the service begins.

  3. Pass out programs (including connection card and pen) at auditorium doors to each person and greet everyone as they enter the auditorium.

  4. During the service, help pass the three offering baskets. One on either side and one in the middle.

  5. Usually, on the last Sunday of the current series, pass out invite cards to the new series that starts next week to pass out to everyone at the auditorium doors as they leave.

    9:00am Service Arrival Time: 8:15am. Be ready for the 8:20-8:30am Guest Services team meeting.

    10:45am Service Arrival Time: 10:00am. Be ready for the 10:05-10:15am Guest Services team meeting.