Tyler Schouppe

  • Position:
    Creative Director/Band Leader

Tyler grew up outside of Pittsburgh in a small town called Beaver, PA. His team mascot was the Bobcats – meaning they were the Beaver Bobcats…Figure that out. ┬áLater, he moved to central Pennsylvania while pursuing a degree at Messiah College in Christian Ministries.

After working as a full time staff member in several previous churches, he was at a transitional point in understanding what he should do with his love for Worship through the Creative Arts as well as other areas of church ministry.  He began to send out resumes to different churches. Life Church was not one of them but through a series of events, Jason connected with him and the rest is history.

In his free time he enjoys listening to and writing music, nerding out about guitar gear with other musicians, and enjoying a night at an Irish pub with good friends.