Jason Wolfe

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Jason is a native of Lebanon County. He pursued undergraduate studies in New York where he met is beautiful wife Mindy. They married and then moved to Indiana to finish up their education in biblical studies together. Over the years Jason has served in several roles in church ministry and in 2010 Jason and Mindy moved to Lancaster (along with their three kids) to spearhead the work to start Life Church.

Jason’s educational focus was in New Testament, Koine Greek, and first century culture and Inter-cultural studies. He is very passionate about connecting the Bible to everyday life in America and seeing more people find life in Jesus. As a life long learner, Jason is also passionate about leadership development and especially in reaching and training young men to be “dudes” instead of the more typical ‘thugs’ or ‘wusses.’

He loves hanging out with his family, reading, playing guitar, an occasional cigar, and keeping his hands from getting to soft by woodworking, getting dirty and being outdoors. Jason is also known to do a unnervingly accurate “Matt Foley” impersonation.