We are Three Weeks In


We're Three Weeks In!

Three short weeks have passed since we purchased the church building at 700 Brentwood Dr. and so much work has been done in this short time.

Our Life Church staff team is working harder than ever to navigate all the decisions and tasks to help our community relocate to our new building.  And they are doing an AMAZING JOB!!

In addition so many of YOU have been jumping in, rolling up your sleeves and helping out.

It is so exciting to be a part of such a vibrant and life-giving community of Jesus followers.  I'm so encouraged because you are ready & willing to sacrifice and serve so that we can lead more people to Jesus in our community.

New friendships are forming and fun memories are being made as we climb this mountain together!

If you haven't jumped in yet, we'd love for your join us!

Send an email to admin@lifechurchlancaster.org to be added to the 'building transition volunteer list' and we will keep you up to date on current opportunities.

Enjoy the rest of the updates!





Thanks for checking out COMINGSOON.CHURCH.

To help build some excitement and start getting the word out about Life Church, Kevin Greene built a transitional website for those curious about what's going on. 

Be sure to continue checking out www.ComingSoon.Church and pass it on to anyone who's interested to know more!


Finishing Up Clearing Out the Auditorium

We have almost finished sorting, organizing, selling and getting rid of all our new & old belongings.  By next week this Auditorium is going to feel a lot more spacious.

Don't forget!  Saturday, 9/22/18 from 8 to 11am you can come look through these items and try to find some treasure!

By Saturday its all finding a new home.


Nice Work Terrance!

Terrance Goff made a huge impact this week helping to finish up the demo in all of our kids rooms!  These rooms are all now ready for our electrical contractors and dry-wallers to take over.   This is a HUGE 'box checked' on the to-do list!  Nice work Terrance!


This is one of the rooms we finished.   It will soon be a Nursery where our babies get loved and prayed over every Sunday.  Lets hear it for our Nursery workers!


Working Hard Through the Transition

Our Kid City Director, Mindy Wolfe and her faithful assistant Alicia Johnson are working hard to be ready to serve our kids on Sunday!  These smiles show how much they love working in our temporary, open-air office space!

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