What We Believe

Here are some simple explanations of what we believe about who God is, what he is like and what he has done for men and women.

Who God Is:

  • He is one-of-a-kind and there is no other like Him

  • He is One

  • He exists in three equal persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

  • He is unbelievably amazing – whether or not we realize it

  • He has always been

  • He created everything

  • He knows everything (what happened, what will happen, what could’ve happened)

  • He is everywhere

Who Jesus Is:

  • He is the Son of God

  • He is 100% God and 100% man

  • He was born to a young virgin girl named Mary

  • He never screwed up or did a thing wrong

  • He was murdered by angry religious people by a horrible crucifixion

  • He died willingly to fix our screw ups and to give us life

  • He literally rose from the dead three days later – never to die again

  • He’s coming back someday to fully make everything right

Who the Holy Spirit Is:

  • He is Divine

  • He is very active in lives of Christ-followers

  • He is God’s voice of conviction, judgment, and righteousness regarding sin

Who People Are:

  • God made us – we all belong to Him

  • Men and Women are created IN God’s very image

  • We are made to be in relationship with God

  • We are all really screwed up – everyone of us

  • We are all hopeless on our own to connect to God

The Bible:

  • It’s contains everything God wants us to know for now

  • It’s trustworthy, reliable and very helpful

  • We as Christ-followers and as a local church are under it’s authority

  • People have used it to commit atrocities never condoned by God

  • It confuses us all the time and it’s mysteries are healthy for you and me

  • It has one major storyline which focuses on Jesus and flows like this: Creation, Rebellion, Redemption, Restoration.

About Salvation:

  • God provides it to us at great cost to himself through Jesus

  • It’s a free gift to us from God (we call this grace)

  • It’s for anyone and everyone who will believe

  • It’s about way more than a prayer or a t-shirt

The Church:

  • Jesus is in charge and calls all the shots

  • It is led by imperfect people

  • It is extremely important to Jesus (since he literally died for it) and should be treated as such

  • It’s messy and full of broken people

  • It’s the greatest hope this world has to meet and live for Jesus