Soul Revolution

soul-revolution-1920x1080Leading up to Easter in 2015, Jason challenged Life Church to learn to walk with Jesus like never before. Using a simple method of reminders, we engaged in what it means to abide in Jesus (Jn.15:4) in a moment-by-moment relationship.  As we did this together we shared our struggles, what we learned, and how we were being transformed by Jesus.

God created people to live out a revolutionary, rewarding and life-giving relationship with Jesus and others. Deep down, we all long to experience that kind of life. But how does it happen?  Jesus told us how.  It’s not complicated.  But it does take a willing heart and a can-do attitude.  And once we open our lives to Jesus in this revolutionary way – we will begin to experience the life he created us to live. So experience for yourself how a moment-by-moment connection to God with wide-open willingness fulfills our deepest longings and transforms us into life-giving people.

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The 60:60 Experiment

At the center of the Soul Revolution campaign is a challenge to do a very simple 60-day experiment in faith, going all-out in a radically-responsive relationship with God. This experiment has proven itself in the lives of thousands of people.  We have laid out several levels at which we can engage in this experiment.  With each level one increases the potential for soul revolution and life change.

Levels of Involvement:

Bottom Line: The 60:60 Experiment. Create Reminders and Cues. Use a 60 minute reminder alarm, phone app, verse cards, wristband, etc.    When reminded, tell yourself “Right Here, Right Now, God is with me, for me, leading me loving me.”  Talk to Jesus, invite him into the moment and be willing to listen & respond.

Aggressive: While doing the 60:60, join a Life Church Group or team with a group of friends. Work through the group curriculum together sharing your experience and what Jesus is doing in your life through the experiment.

Go-Getter: Do the 60:60, join a group & use the “Soul Revolution Field Journal” to jot down thoughts, prayers, comments, etc as you progress in the experiment.

All In: Do 60:60, join a group, journal thoughts, & read “Soul Revolution” by John Burke. During the experiment, engage with the questions at the end of each chapter and share with your group what you learn from the book.


Soul Revolution Info Guide (provided by Life Church) With your program or available at the guest services table

Soul Revolution Website

Free iPhone or Andrioid App

Wrist Bands – “Right Here Right Now” (Provided by Life Church – pick up at guest services table)

Home Screen Images for Phones (Provided by Life Church)

Field Journals (Provided by Life Church) at the guest services table

Soul Revolution Books – Available for purchase on Sunday or – $12 each


Suggestions To Increase Impact:

Get out of your routine

One of the big ideas behind using something that beeps to remind you about the 60/60 experiment is that most of us will otherwise stay in our daily routines. We often need an external reminder – like a watch, timer or computer alarm. Though something active that beeps is the best, passive items (like sticky notes, signs, a dot on your watch, etc.) can also be used.

What to do when the watch beeps

Use the suggestions at the end of most chapters in Soul Revolution to guide you in what to think about. You could print these end-of-chapter suggestions on blank business cards or on the back of a card listing the Running Partner Questions.

Computer Timers

You can also use the internet to help you with the 60/60 experiment by going to the Interval Timer site and create an online timer that will go off every hour. Make sure to keep the window open that has this timer so it will go off every hour.

Mark Your Watch

If you do wear a watch, but it doesn’t have a built-in beep, you might use a marker or a sticker to mark your watch face. When you glance at your watch to check the time, use it as your 60/60 reminder, too. See-through color dots like these can be purchased at most office supply stores, and you’ll have plenty left after marking your watch to share with your Small Group or other friends!

Cell Phone Reminders

Cell phones are all different, but many have the ability to set a few daily alarms. Your cell phone may not be able to set a reminder every hour, but you could at least set it to go off every few hours (at 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm – for example).

Getting Young Kids Involved

We heard this suggestion from the parents of a preschooler: get them involved by having them listen for the watch beep. When the watch beeps, the child can think of something they’re thankful for or something they want to pray about. While the 60/60 experiment for adults is more than just being thankful or praying, those can be simple ways to involve your child. Your child may even help you be more aware of the watch beeping!