Vision and Beliefs

Our Vision

At Life Church we have one main priority – leading everyone to Jesus for life. Our hope for all people is that they would receive life from Jesus and in return live their lives for Jesus. This all happens as we learn more about Jesus and learn to trust Him everyday in the circumstances that come our way.

So no matter where you are, our desire is to see you moving closer toward the life that God desires for you through Jesus. We recognize that everyone’s journey of faith is unique and not all programs or organizations will work for everyone. But we do believe that Jesus is the answer for everyone. And our goal is to point everyone to Him.

Someday we hope to look back over the life of our church and see that thousands of people have found LIFE – new life, real life, eternal life – in Jesus through our efforts here in Lancaster.

What We Believe

Here are some simple explanations of what we believe about who God is, what he is like and what he has done for men and women.

See how Jesus is changing lives here at Life Church!

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