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Learn. Build. Discover.


At Life Church we believe that everyone deserves a clear line of sight to Jesus. We want to help you learn about the way of Jesus build relationships in community and discover ways to bring heaven on earth.

It’s All about Jesus


Are you intrigued by Jesus but repelled by organized religion?  We created a judgement free church that’s a safe place to explore faith so that we can help you have a meaningful connection with God and greater fulfillment in life.

Our History

Life Church began in 2010 with a small group of faithful college students. Over the last 8 years, Life Church has met in the Lancaster Marriott & Convention Center, Bucher Elementary, and Manheim Township Middle School. The mission of Life Church is to lead people to Jesus for life. We believe that Jesus is the answer for everyone, and our goal is to point everyone to Him.


We know it can feel uncomfortable to be new to Christianity or church. But nobody should feel judged, condemned or unwelcome when they are exploring faith and trying to discover what they believe.

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700 Brentwood Drive
Lititz, PA 17543


Life Church is located 1 mile behind the Manheim Township Middle and High Schools in the Kissel Hill Commons neighborhood. You can turn onto onto Furnam road or Wallingford Road from Kissel Hill Road to get onto Brentwood Drive and enter the church parking lot.


What People Like You Are Saying About Life Church


There is no judgment


“I hadn’t been to a church in many years but one Sunday I came to Life Church on a whim. I’ve been coming ever since. Life Church has become a safe place for me to bring my spiritual questions and doubts. There is no judgment.” - Artie



I had not gone to church in a long time and was nervous when I first went to Life Church. In one service I realized that it was exactly what I needed: a church full of loving people who truly want visitors to "come as they are" and develop a relationship with Jesus for life.  It has been my home now for 5 years!  I’m so grateful God led me here.  - James

I can talk about it


No matter what I am going through in life, I can talk about it and receive encouragement, advice and love without being judged. That’s been amazing. - Garnet


Like what you see? In addition to planning a visit on a Sunday morning, find out what your next steps are at Life Church.

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