Morons disguised as males are increasing at epidemic proportions. Many men have completely lost their way. Jesus calls His men to rise above the norm of half-witted, porn-watching, video game-playing idiocy and to pursue a life and legacy for His kingdom. The Mens Room is an event designed to help inspire men to fulfill their calling by showing them the man who Jesus is. It is a place where men can come, bring their baggage, bring their troubles, find encouragement and swift kick in the pants – when needed. Our hope is that every man would find a band of brothers who will help him fix his eyes on Jesus.

Here are some things we teach our men:

“Meet Jesus in the Bathroom”

This is something you will hear said to the men at Life Church. In fact, we call it ‘The Men’s Room” because in the Bible (Phil. 3:8) God tells us that all of our good works only amount to large smelly pile of crap when we try to offer them to Him for his favor. So we must meet Jesus in the bathroom stall and flush down the crapper all of our good works for God. It is only Jesus’ good works that count when we stand before God. No man can boast before God – we all submit to Jesus.

“Men die so others can live.”

This is another axiom you will hear. God made men strong. And strong men who follow Jesus use their strength to give life to others. Husbands die for their wives. Fathers die for their kids. Brothers die for their sisters. And sons will die for their mothers & fathers. And good men will die for each other. Men like Jesus willingly die everyday to themselves so they can help others truly live.