What to Expect

One Saturday morning every season we gather the ladies to encourage, refresh and refuel together. You can always expect to share some yummy food, to hear a little about what’s happening with each other and most importantly, to listen to what God has to say about this life we are all living. The morning is a relaxed, casual atmosphere where you are welcome to interact or just listen. If you are a church attender or if you have never gone to church before, you are more than welcome here! There is sweetness to be found in a life well shared and Ladies Brunch happens to help us all experience a little bit more of that sweetness.


When & Where

For more information about upcoming Ladies Brunch, join our Life Church ladies Facebook group


Mindy Wolfe at crywolfe56@gmail.com or Maggie McGillicuddy at hicmar28@gmail.com for more information