2 Services Guest Services Survey


As you know, we are publicly launching our 2nd service on March 17. This means that we are expecting guests to show up at both services. We want to be ready for them! This is exciting.

It is our goal to have 2 different Guest Services teams every Sunday so that you can volunteer at one service and attend the other service. This also means that if you come to set up signs before the first service that you don’t have to stay at the church building until the second service is over.

However, we currently do not have enough people on our Guest Services teams to do this. It will be important that we are recruiting new people to join our teams who can attend the first service. If you meet someone new, invite them to join you on a Guest Services team next week!

So while we are working on developing our teams, would you be willing to commit to volunteer roughly 1 time a month at both services for the next 6 months starting March 17? This means that whenever you are currently scheduled (roughly 1 time a month) would you be willing to come a little earlier and probably stay a little later than you are currently staying?

Let me know what you think by filling out the form below

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Are you willing to volunteer roughly 1 time a month at both services from March 17 to September 15? *