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Sign Up For the Event Team

  • Oversee an Age Group Section

    • For the safety and fun of all the kids and families involved, our egg hunt yard will be divided into 4 sections.

  • Run a craft table, including a decorate your own bag table for those that need something to collect eggs

  • Prize Table

  • Check-In Area

  • Additional Kid City Check-In Outside


Sign Up For the Prep Team

  • There is a lot of work to do before the Sunday event:

    • Stuff eggs full of candy

    • Create Egg Hunt Environments

    • Place eggs out into the field

    • Find and purchase golden egg prizes

    • Marketing and Promotion


Map of the Event

  • Guest parking will be on the left side of the Life Church lot. We will plan to use parking around the horseshoe and have the overflow parking lot available.

  • We will set up 4 sections for age appropriate egg hunting.

  • Prior to the egg hunt, craft tables will be set up at the edge of the parking lot. Food and drinks will be on the patio.

  • When families arrive they will go to the check-in tent. There they will learn what section their children will be in and what time their hunt begins. Each section will be color coded.

  • There will be a clear connection to our Kid Programing that happens every week - Kid City! We want as many kids to sign up for Kid City that morning as possible. Families will be able to sign up and check in outside near the egg hunt check-in.

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Schedule for the Morning of April 7

  • 8:00am - Teams arriving & set up (some set up will be done Saturday)

  • 9:00am - FIRST SERVICE

  • 9:30am - Egg Hunt Teams Ready for Action: Parking, Games, Activities, Eggs Distributed

  • 9:45am - Activities begin (expect people to be arriving. Crafts and activities end 10:30am)

  • 10:05am - First Service Over

  • 10:15am - EMCEE Giving Instructions & Getting Kids Fired Up

  • 10:20am - Group One Begins (0-2 years old)

  • 10:25am - Group Two Begins (3-5 years old)

  • 10:30am - Group Three Begins (6-8 years old)

  • 10:35am - Group Four Begins (9-12 years old)

  • 10:45am - Egg Hunt Closes (Kid City opens)

  • 11:00am - SECOND SERVICE

  • 12:05am - Second Service Ends


All Ways to Volunteer


Event Team

  • 4 Section People - make sure kids wait until their time to go. Help them have a safe and fun time!

  • 2 Egg Hunt Check in Area People - When families arrive they need to know where their children will be doing the egg hunt. Help them find the location and time of their egg hunt by making sure they receive the right color sticker.

  • 2 Parking People - Greet people as they arrive. We are anticipating our parking lot to be full. Point people to additional parking around the horseshoe and overflow lot.

  • 3 Mixer/Mingler/Floaters - This is a bridge event to our church. We want people who come to the egg hunt to have a great impression about Life Church (That’s You!). If you’d like to wear a name tag and be an official Life Church person that “says hi first,” we’ve got a spot for you.

  • 1-3 Photographers/ Videographers - Let’s remember and celebrate this event. The moments you capture will help invite more people to next years egg hunt.

  • 3 Craft Station People - When families arrive early for this exciting event we want them to have something fun going on. One of the craft stations will be a craft with a bag, so that children that need something to collect their eggs in will have a bag.

  • 1 Prize Table Volunteer - You just might be the most loved person on the Egg Hunt morning. We need someone to make sure the children who find the golden eggs receive the correct age appropriate prize.

  • 1 Bounce House Person - Kid’s love bounce houses. We need someone to make sure there are only 5 on at a time and shoes are off.

  • 1 Easter Bunny - Mascot anyone?

  • 1 Additional Kid City Check In Outside also, the entire morning (with registration papers) - We want to connect as many people to Kid City as possible. Every week is something fun and exciting at Life Church for children. Let’s tell all our guests this and get them signed up!

  • Donate some candy. Kid’s love egg hunts, but they also love the candy and prizes that come when they find the eggs. Donate some candy to help us not run out!

Prep Team

  • Stuff eggs full of candy

  • Create Egg Hunt Environments

  • Place eggs out into the field

  • Find and purchase golden egg prizes

  • Marketing and Promotion