Free Community Egg Hunt Volunteer Feedback Form


Thank you so much for all that you did to make the egg hunt an amazing success. According to the sticker check in process we had about 433 kids at the event. That is amazing! We are praying that everyone had a great experience at Life Church and are considering coming back to Easter and any other time in the future.

With that many people involved in an event, there is no way to know all that went on in all the different areas. Please help us plan for next year by sharing some highlights from your experience with the event and suggest something we can do to make the event better next year. Thanks!

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Share stories about people you met, what you thought went well, thoughts that people said to you, what stuck out to you the most.
With that many people, I'm sure not everything went perfectly. Let us know if we could have used more signs, more volunteers, better planning of the hunt areas, etc. Share your thoughts about how we could make the event better next year.